Anne "Sussy" Sussman

Meditation/Mindfulness Instructor
Current Location:Maplewood, New Jersey
Hometown:Verona NJ
Date of Birth:May 8th


Anne’s been part of Campowerment since the start, which ultimately inspired her to make her own career shift and earn a certification as a Meditation instructor and a Mindfulness@Work trainer. That’s how she kick-started Mindfulness Meeting Place, where anyone can learn how to meditate (even when they think they can’t!). As its founder, Anne sets out to bring meditation into everyday life, seamlessly and blissfully.

In 2018, Anne published her first book, “The Bliss Buddy Project: How Sharing Gratitude Increases Joy,” which she launched at Campowerment. Anne believes that gratitude is the foundation for joy, and sharing what you are grateful for gives it potent power. Getting a “Buddy” and following her 4 easy steps is a simple recipe for more happiness and joy in your life.