Take the Pledge

I take this pledge to become a Founding Member with Campowerment, and in doing so, I honor my commitment...

...To stand in my power while actively advocating for you to stand in yours.

I am an advocate for myself and other women, equally and passionately, always.

...To be a dynamic leader.

I listen fully, explore with open-hearted curiosity and contribute vulnerably to conversations with others.

...To be an unadulterated party-starter.

I am an inspiration for others to know they are invited to the party that is our community.

...To be dedicated, in equal measure, to my personal development and to the cultivation of a diverse community.

I believe in the power of this unique alchemy of friendship, life’s grounding lessons and the spirit of the campfire.

By Taking this Pledge

I become one of 1,000 women to unlock membership for the next 1,000 women from underrepresented communities to join us in creating the world we’ve been dreaming about, starting now...starting with us...by going beyond the campfire.